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When lifers come in the mail

Posted August 5th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on When lifers come in the mail.

The 51st supplement to the AOU’s checklist of North American birds is out. Time for lowly amateurs such as me to get out the pen and eraser and start making the appropriate changes in our field guides and notebooks. To strict life-listers, the most significant news is the splitting of two species, the whip-poor-will and […]

Easter finds

Posted April 13th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Easter finds.

With the Sunday paper read and a few moments to spare prior to church, I zipped over to Elmwood Park here in West Fargo for a quick walk. I was not looking for Easter eggs but rather hoping to find some early migrants. I did. A nice cooperative flock containing both kinglet species (ruby-crowned and […]