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Flood effects

Posted April 8th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments (2).

The Red River will purportedly reach the 3rd highest crest on record sometime on Sunday or Monday. Land along the river is being swallowed up by the cold muddy waters of this whimsical stream. When that happens, it tends to dislocate whatever critters occupy the thin ribbon of riparian woods. One local birder made note […]

And so it goes…

Posted April 4th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments Off on And so it goes….

While driving around town over the weekend I ran across numerous instances of flood preparation. Admittedly, I  haven’t been paying much attention to the latest and greatest crest predictions so don’t know for sure where we stand. But the city is quite calmly taking care of things. I was also not aware of this product, […]

Curious flood flotsam

Posted May 28th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Curious flood flotsam.

Here in eastern North Dakota we’re into our 17th year of above-average precipitation. It’s the longest wet cycle I can recall in my 40+ years of living here. The floods along the local rivers–particularly the Red–seem to be getting worse. Reasons for that are many and I won’t address that issue here but the aftermaths of these […]

The Sheyenne’s turn

Posted April 13th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on The Sheyenne’s turn.

The Red River seems to be fairly contained after the diking efforts in Fargo. That’s not to say the threat is over because it isn’t. The water is still high and a freak rainstorm could still happen and deliver the knock-out punch. But while all eyes were riveted on Fargo a funny thing happened to […]

River at record, fight goes on

Posted March 27th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on River at record, fight goes on.

As of right now the reading is 40.78 feet in Fargo, an all-time record. Or at least since we began keeping records in the late 1800s. The city of Fargo is done building dikes and has taken up a monitoring posture as of this time. It’s absolutely surreal. The city is non-stop, 24/7, utter controlled […]

How high will it go?

Posted March 25th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on How high will it go?.

My son has gotten dirty with sandbagging for the past few days also. Here’s his crew working at a home near his high school, Oak Grove, with a Red Cross vehicle in the foreground: Near the school is a low area the Fargo Park District has taken over and put in a nice paved bicycle […]