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I guess it’s only fair. I have acquired a few life birds “in the mail,” as it is said, I suppose it’s only fitting that some would be taken away in the same fashion. The posting on the ABA’s blog two days ago talked about the second proposal of 2013 to the AOU bird checklist. […]

Icing, and things that fly

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Since the early days of aviation, the phenomenon known as airframe icing has proven to be a very very bad thing for flyers. I won’t go into the science behind this, but know that once a wing begins to accrete ice, it begins to lose efficiency. There is an ultimate point with every flying machine […]

Swans, yes, but which ones?

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First, dear reader, notice the snow-and-ice background. Indeed this area of the Upper Midwest continues to be held tightly within the grip of a cold and damp cycle. Here in Fargo I hear the high temperature for the year has been…drum roll…43 degrees. Hardly a late winter/early spring to brag about. If someone has access […]

Should my Daughter Reconsider?

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After enduring the embarassment of driving dad’s hand-me-down 1993 Suzuki Esteem for several years, my daughter has gone ahead and purchased a “new” used car: A spotless Dodge Stratus with low miles. Here’s the kicker though, it’s red. I know what you are thinking, ‘aha, she will be targeted by police for speeding tickets with a red […]

Now that’s kinda weird

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From the “Things they didn’t teach me in motorcycle safety class” files: In the aviation biz there are some obvious risks (what in life doesn’t?), not the least of which is the potential for collisions with other flying things, be they birds, other aircraft, or any number of things in the air. Several tools are […]

Getting closer…

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I would imagine the dream of human flight has been with us since we have been walking upright. Observing the birds around us and their seemingly effortless courses through the air, well, a bit of jealousy is natural. We tend to credit the Wright Bros. with the first powered flight. Fine. But do we really emulate the birds re: flapping under our own […]

Look for the mini-snowmen

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If you haven’t seen a snowy owl this winter somewhere in the continental U.S. you haven’t been looking. The irruption of these huge Arctic owls into the lower 48 has made news reports for at least a few months and the birds continue to impress with incursions into areas where snowys are normally quite rare. […]

Reverberations far and wide

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A recent decision by U.S. District Court judge Daniel Hovland might very well ring much more broadly than in just our little corner of the world. The issue was whether oil companies operating in North Dakota violated the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 by killing 28 birds which had apparently landed in collection pits currently […]

Immediate seating available

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Of all the avian visitors which tend to frequent the backyard feeders of us urban dwellers, perhaps the most unwelcome–at least in the hearts of most–are the small group of woodland hawks in the family Accipitridae. Within this small three-species group (in North America) easily the most common to appear near your bird feeders is the […]

Here’s to boreal owls

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First an admission, I like beer. Not so much the usual mass-produced American lagers which end up advertising during major sporting events. No, I much favor the small crafted beers which have been popping up all over the country for the past 20 years or so. It’s a good time to be a beer lover […]