Now that’s kinda weird

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From the “Things they didn’t teach me in motorcycle safety class” files:

In the aviation biz there are some obvious risks (what in life doesn’t?), not the least of which is the potential for collisions with other flying things, be they birds, other aircraft, or any number of things in the air. Several tools are available to most pilots in the form of on-board radar (mostly military), TCAS, air traffic control radar, procedural rules, one’s own eyesight, etc. But in the end there is no fool-proof escape from the danger of mid-air collisions. Back in my Air Force days we used to refer to this assumed risk as the “Big Sky Theory.” Which simply meant, yeah, there’s a lot of stuff in the air but there’s a huge amount of sky for all of us, thus the chances of us meeting at the same place and the same time are so small that I’m not going to worry about it. 

It’s a little different when you are only occupying a two-dimensional space, things get a little more cluttered. I only mention this because I saw earlier this week yet another motorcyclist was killed–this time in Maryland–due to a collision with a turkey vulure. That’s right, a bird-strike led to the death of someone on the ground. Weird huh? Funny thing is this is not the first time. Go ahead and google “vulture kills motorcyclist” and you’ll come up with multiple stories.

Next time you straddle that bike you might want to wear a helmet. Oh, and be on the lookout for large dark birds.

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