Here’s to boreal owls

Posted January 4th, 2012 by kcorliss. Comment (0).

First an admission, I like beer. Not so much the usual mass-produced American lagers which end up advertising during major sporting events. No, I much favor the small crafted beers which have been popping up all over the country for the past 20 years or so. It’s a good time to be a beer lover to be sure. I’ll even go so far as to shamelessly plug a local effort to enter this competitive market. A small group of fellows have started the Fargo Brewing Company and I was fortunate enough to be at the public rollout of their wonder Woodchipper Ale some months ago. Yum.

All that aside I received an interesting little brown ale for Christmas from a friend. It was wonderful. Making it the full experience for me was the label which featured a boreal owl of all things. How cool is that, two of the things I enjoy in life tied together in one neat little package?



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