Flitting flickers

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Among the hordes of species showing up this past week were northern flickers (Colaptes auratus). The birds were everywhere in town. A person could hardly walk a block and not hear the old familiar “kyeear” ringing out from somewhere. I went to pick up some Chinese food at my favorite West Fargo establishment (shameless plug: […]

Tundra-bound swans

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This past week has seen an amazing array of waterfowl move through eastern North Dakota. Brought on my warming temperatures and colossal amounts of melt water in the fields, flocks of virtually every species has been recorded in the state already. Included were reports of snow geese in the hundreds of thousands, Canada geese in […]

Flood effects

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The Red River will purportedly reach the 3rd highest crest on record sometime on Sunday or Monday. Land along the river is being swallowed up by the cold muddy waters of this whimsical stream. When that happens, it tends to dislocate whatever critters occupy the thin ribbon of riparian woods. One local birder made note […]

Even mammals know it’s spring

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It was March 28, when I noticed a spring first: racoon prints on snow. A day later I saw one in a tree. Muskrats have been evident for awhile now with quite a few animals being seen on top of  frozen water. This, of course, is not an awakening–the animals do not hibernate and can be […]

What’s that?

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It was a first for calendar year 2011 for me. Others may have seen such a phenomenon already but I was out of town for the “warm” week we had back in March. Last Friday, though, the sky north of town looked like this. Recognize anything different? Look in the upper right corner. It’s a […]

What a weekend

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I thought it odd a coworker would be calling me at home last night. After the usual greetings, he quickly asked, “What’s with all the robins?” Even non-birders have taken notice of the tremendous migratory movement which occured in our area over the weekend. Flocks of American robins numbering in the hundreds were apparent to […]

And so it goes…

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While driving around town over the weekend I ran across numerous instances of flood preparation. Admittedly, I  haven’t been paying much attention to the latest and greatest crest predictions so don’t know for sure where we stand. But the city is quite calmly taking care of things. I was also not aware of this product, […]

Ahh. How cute.

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There’s something about the delicate raising of young that invariably tugs at our collective heartstrings. I don’t care if its humpback whales, mountain lions, hereford cattle, or emperor penguins, every image of creatures in the process of rearing and introducing young into the world is warmly compelling at a soft visceral level. It’s no different with the cleverly edited video […]

Lasting Wisdom

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(Update) In an earlier post, I mentioned a certain Laysan Albatross (dubbed “Wisdom”) on Wake atoll which had attained a milestone by becoming the oldest known wild bird banded by North American bird banders. Enter March 11, and the horrific earthquake which struck Japan and the ensuing tsunami which swept across low-lying areas with devastating […]

Cashing in on wildlife

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Arguments on both sides of this issue can be made with equally passionate reasoning. It comes down to a simple question: Who “owns” the wild creatures which fly, swim, or walk among us? I only ask this after seeing an interesting article from the UK, via Daily Mail. A certain bird–an Eastern Orientalis (a subspecies of […]