A flair for water

Posted April 29th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comment (0).

Peregrine falcons seem to hone their hunting skills according to given circumstances. There are some urban nesting birds that target pigeons almost exclusively. Others take a lot of starlings. The Fargo birds, as has been chronicled here in the past, have it in for water birds.

(American woodcock, K Corliss)

Wednesday I checked the roof of our downtown building just to see what the birds have been bringing in. Last time I looked there was only one carcass, this time there were about seven. Among the new meals prepared by the falcons were a Wilson’s snipe, two American woodcocks (apparently the peregrines took advantage of an unprecedented migration of woodcocks to this area), an American coot, a blue-winged teal, an American robin, and a western meadowlark. Just to assuage the angst of some misinformed residents, there was no shih tzu carcass.

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