Home invasion with a twist

Posted April 16th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Home invasion with a twist.

Web cameras are everywhere these days. You can hardly click around on the Internet without running into at least one peek of this-or-that on camera.

The phenomenon is not lost on the birding crowd either. Cameras peering into the lives of birds all over the world can be accessed in just a couple of clicks. Most show nesting activity of various species, with raptors seemingly topping the list of most popular. The birds don’t seem to mind this intrusion into their lives and it gives us views of behavior most of us would never see otherwise.

A link to a bald eagle nest in Iowa has been sent to me by a number of people. It’s pretty neat viewing and it’s amazingly popular.

Well, after some yeoman work on the part of Marshal J., Fargo’s peregrine falcon nest camera is finally up to speed. In the planning stages are a big upgrade to the nest box, newer cameras with sound, and of course, fund-raising. But that’s all for next year, which should produce an even better show. For now, click here for a voyeauristic view of our local birds in incubating action.

Iowa’s bald eagle camera is here.

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