Psst, can we talk?

Posted April 15th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comment (1).

Let me vent briefly.

There are any number of laws, statutes, and regulations in our lives which go not only unheeded, but unenforced. How about speeding? Yeah, we nearly all do it to some degree. Ever take a pen from work? I have. I think I left the Air Force with about 10 U.S. Government pens hanging around the house in various places. I never gave them back. Guilty.

But there are two ignored laws which just gnaw away at me every time I go to one of West Fargo’s parks. First, it is against the law to dump your grass clippings, concrete blocks, tree trimmings, and whatever other trash you have into the river. Now, I’ve canoed a number of rivers in a number of states and realize this isn’t an issue unique to North Dakota. It seems like anyone who lives along a watercourse sees the stream as a dump. It’s not only unsightful, illegal, and lazy, it’s wanton pollution on a scale–when taken collectively with all the other river dumpers–which boggles the mind. The picture above is one of many households along the Sheyenne River using it as a dump. In fact it’s hard to find a property not dumping.

The other law that gets my goat targets dog owners. This is kind of a two-fer in that 1) our leash law is violated regularly and never enforced and 2) few owners pick up after Fifi does her job. Drives me nuts. And what better time of year to witness the carnage than immediately after the snowmelt? Every pile of dog crap left in the parks over the last four to five months is now exposed with all its smelly, shoe-messing ugliness.

I realize neither of these cases will ever change. There will forever be lazy folk dumping junk in our rivers and dog owners failing to pickup poop. It just seemed like the right moment to vent some personal frustration.

…By the way, did you know that fireworks were illegal in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo?

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  1. Dick Corliss

    Amen!!!!!!Well said.