Grouse vs. alternative energy: Hmmm

Posted March 2nd, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Grouse vs. alternative energy: Hmmm.
This story (  is a couple weeks old but worth mentioning. Greater sage-grouse, the experts tell us, are in trouble. Due mainly to the loss of traditional sage habitat throughout its historic range, the bird’s overall population is on the decline. So much so that the Feds have stepped in in an effort to forestall further losses.


In Nevada, the article points out, there is a Reno-based Assemblyman–David Bobzien–pushing for the “…protection and restoration of sage grouse and their habitat in Nevada…”

All good and well I suppose but in a state drowning in debt, this money-sucking idea might be hard to sell.

But there’s another juicy aspect to this one:

If the grouse is classified as endangered, development in the bird’s habitat could be frozen, potentially jeopardizing Nevada’s alternative energy projects.

I think you know where I stand on this so-called “alternative energy” stuff. Briefly, it’s nearly a complete waste of time and resources (hugely out-of-sync tax incentives) given the unreliable and piddling amount of energy it (solar/wind) produces. ‘Nuff said.

I don’t know where this resolution stands in the state legislative process. But given the choice of grouse habitat vs. alternative energy, I’ll take habitat. At least we’d get tangible long-term benefits–habitat, after all, is everything.

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