Studious raptor

Posted January 26th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Studious raptor.

Of all the birds, owls figure quite prominently in human lore. Mostly the nocturnal winged beasts are depicted as spooky creatures of the dark. But given the birds’ penchant for sitting quietly and staring at onlookers, wisdom has also been attributed to owls. Now, it seems, Cooper’s hawks are trying to get smarter too. At least one is, according to

The story (click here) which ran Monday, describes the folks at the Library of Congress trying to remove a quite stubborn Cooper’s hawk from their midst. No word on how the bird ended up in one of the most glorious buildings in this nation, but it was first noticed last Wednesday. Attempts to capture it have thus far met with no success. I must say this is waaaay better than the house sparrow I saw in Menard’s last Sunday.

Just what this raptor is reading in the library is also not revealed in the article.

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