Sometimes it’s best to admire instead of emulate

Posted January 4th, 2011 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Sometimes it’s best to admire instead of emulate.

As an aviator and a bird watcher, the video below brings together both elements rather poignantly for me.

It was an email sent from a retired military/airline guy which included the video. It features a fellow named Leonard Bonney who learned to fly back in the early days of aviation from none other than Orville Wright himself. Yet, it seems, Bonney had a better idea. “He dreamed of building an airplane with the grace and maneuverability of a seagull. He loved seagulls, so he studied and photographed them,” says the website containing the movie.

The airplane itself is a marvel of design with a elegant shape and a very bird-like wing. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or in this case, in the flight test.

Sadly, Bonney did not survive his craft’s maiden flight.

Watch the regretful video here.

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