It’s true, winter is on the way

Posted October 25th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on It’s true, winter is on the way.

Whether we like it or not it appears the easy ride we’ve all been enjoying here in the Heartland is pulling into the station. Did I hear that correctly, wind gusts to 50 MPH tomorrow? Sheesh.

recent snow bunting near Lake Park, Minn., thanks Jan

Yesterday morning I saw more evidence of the coming change while birding with two friends on the edge of West Fargo: three snow buntings. Indeed, the small tundra-nesting birds are here. Then today I was somewhat surprised to get an email from a friend in Minnesota with an attached photo taken on a dock near Lake Park. Sure enough a snow bunting. Except the shot was taken a full three weeks ago.

Not to be alarmed, however. This arctic bird is a common annual visitor this time of year, often in huge flocks of thousands. The individuals we are seeing now are mere scouts for the armies to be.

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