Mystery songbird

Posted September 15th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments (4).

I hinted in the previous post I would offer up yet another quiz. Here it is.

First, the classic frustrating look most of us get of flitting, flighty warblers. I admit you can’t tell much from the “underneath” view but you can tell something. The picture grab is small but I’ll fill in some details. White belly giving way to a hint of yellow as you approach the head, white undertail with black tips.

This is perhaps the best view. It shows a bright yellow upper breast with a sort of darker collar. The two wing bars appear broad but short.

Head appears to be of a darkish color.

The dorsal view depicts an all-dark bird but its upper back is a quite bright olive green, nearly lime.

I won’t offer any hints per se; I’ll only mention I’ve only seen this bird three times in the fall. That should tell you they don’t travel the Red River Valley in great numbers.

4 Responses to “Mystery songbird”

  1. merkin

    Um, an escaped parakeet?

  2. kcorliss

    Um. No. Nice try CS.

  3. JJohnson

    Is it a Northern Parula?

  4. kcorliss

    You got it. And without a photo of its head!
    Yeah, it was a nice find and, like I say, I just don’t see all that many in the fall. Do you?