Birds Nodaks may never see…

Posted August 4th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Birds Nodaks may never see….

Last week’s vacation to Southern California was brief and just a hair hectic. With two teenagers and a fairly aggressive list of to-do’s, things can get slightly harried. Not to mention the traffic, sheesh.

Now having done the Hollywood thing, the Santa Monica pier thing, the downtown L.A thing, and dinner at my cousin’s home, I would argue for much more downtime if there should be a next time.

Still, in visiting some of the sights (including four major beaches) a birder can’t help but notice the different avian life nearby. The species below have never been–and likely never will be–recorded in North Dakota.

Here’s a bushtit, a fairly common gregarious bird found in the coastal scrub zones:

Here’s a California gnatcatcher (believe it or not) taken in an early morning with dim light. Have I mentioned my camera doesn’t perform worth a darn without lots of light?

Two species of gulls on a beach. The darker ones to the rear are Heerman’s gulls while the lighter individual in front is a western gull:

Oh, and how about an exotic species which seems to be surviving in the wild? One evening while we were strolling the pier area in Hermosa Beach a raucous noise was heard from the tops of palm trees. Turns out the source of the calls was a flock of yellow-chevroned parakeets:

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