If you happen to go to BC…

Posted July 16th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on If you happen to go to BC….

The news of two albino common ravens in the Qualicum Beach area of British Columbia has been out for awhile and I’ve seen a few articles about it. None had great accompanying photos but this one does (Vancouver Sun).

…recent sightings of two of the extremely rare creatures north of Nanaimo, B.C., have bird-watchers around the world taking interest — with many flocking to the Qualicum Beach area to see if they can have a first-hand look.

Colin Bartlett, owner of Nanaimo’s Backyard Bird and Nature Store and a local bird expert, said sightings of the white ravens began with reports of one about 10 years ago, meaning this year’s increase to two is a big jump. He said if the ravens are full albinos, it would be a “very rare” occurrence.

It’s believed that the last time a white raven was seen elsewhere in the world was three years ago in England. Before that, one was sighted in Alaska in 2003.

Nope. I’ve never seen one. But it would be rather exciting I should think. I suppose I should redouble my efforts around here to find one. Needle-in-the-haystack to be sure, but you never know.

Click on the link above for a couple of great photos of this rather rare occurrence.

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