Curious flood flotsam

Posted May 28th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Curious flood flotsam.

Here in eastern North Dakota we’re into our 17th year of above-average precipitation. It’s the longest wet cycle I can recall in my 40+ years of living here. The floods along the local rivers–particularly the Red–seem to be getting worse. Reasons for that are many and I won’t address that issue here but the aftermaths of these events provide for interesting bushwhacking.

Many times in recent years I’ve found various objects which had been carried by flood and deposited helter-skelter somewhere downstream of its origin. Portions of docks, sports balls of all sorts, various tarps, gas cans…basically anything. Animal carcasses are fairly common too.

Last week I came upon this unfortunate critter about 10 feet up in a tree. While it remains somewhat a mystery, my best guess is raccoon. What say you?

I hope there’s a wildlife biologist out there somewhere who has some familiarity with skulls and can weigh in on this.

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