More turkey tales

Posted May 6th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on More turkey tales.

I’ve mentioned my little dust-up with a wild turkey before while jogging on a wooded trail in downtown Fargo. It was startling and a little on the scary side. Not that I feared for my life but I wouldn’t rule out some kind of small injury.

Wild turkeys are all over the woodsy areas around here now. And it wasn’t too difficult to predict. Take a suitable habitat, throw in an adaptable creature, and viola, you get a booming population with its attendant issues. The biggest problem? Folks that feed the birds and encourage settlement into residential neighborhoods.

USA Today even went so far as to touch on the subject recently with this story. The piece is okay, especially the the historical part of it. But this sentence seemed pretty counterintuitive to me:

(Scott, of National Wild Turkey Federation) Vance says humans have little to fear from wild turkeys. The birds have spurs on their feet, wings sharpened like razors from dragging on the ground and a willingness to fight. But the typical turkey is 20 to 25 pounds.

I would counter by suggesting a 25-pound creature with fighting spurs and strong sharp wings bent on assailing you is indeed something to fear. Or at least respect. I should know, I’ve had the encounter. And as I say, it was kinda fearful.

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