Racking up rarities

Posted May 3rd, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Racking up rarities.

There is a home a few miles south of where I live with a yard worthy of the envy of bird watchers everywhere. So much so I described it in a column some years ago. It’s chocked full of trees, shrubs, bird feeders, and it sits along the banks of the Sheyenne River.

What makes this place noteworthy is the list of rare, or at least “good” birds, which have visited it at various times. Just this spring they had a white-winged dove (a bird I’ve never seen in North Dakota) for the second year in a row and this one, a lazuli bunting:

Just the second sighting of this bird in Cass County as far as I’m aware. Oh, they also had a Carolina wren at their place a few years ago.

Habitat is everything. Have I mentioned this before?

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