Duck dilemma

Posted April 28th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Duck dilemma.

So an acquaintance of mine in Fargo begins to tidy up his yard recently. Part of the process was pulling out some overgrown arborvitae bushes near his foundation. He then dutifully piles the shrubs onto the boulevard for the trash haulers to take. After a week he realizes he’s too soon for cleanup week so decides to take them to the dump himself. When he stirs the pile a mallard hen emerges quit upset. There’s a nest in the underneath replete with a clutch of eggs. What to do? He puts the pile back and wonders how he’s now going to keep the city from removing it.

Enter the garbage haulers. They take the pile away. My buddy finds the nest and eggs are now out in the open and no mamma duck is around. Again, what to do?

Well, Monday he moves some other cut greenery from elsewhere to cover the nest in a makeshift fashion.

Yesterday word comes that the hen mallard has returned and is sitting on the eggs. Currently he’s in the process of trying to move the whole affair away from the street.

Gotta give Bryan a lot of credit for this one. These nature vs. human conflicts don’t always play out with such a benevolent actor as he.

I’ll let you know the results…

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