Attend if you wish, but don’t look for me

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By now regular readers of this site realize I have little time for those groups promoting the climate change line. I tire of it, I believe it’s wrong, and I think it’s dangerous both politically and economically. In truth, it was one of the many reasons I quit the Audubon Society many years ago. 

I strongly believe there will come a day when our great-grandchildren will look back at this age and wonder just how we could have been so foolish. For you see folks, climate is not a static entity, there is no such thing as “normal,” and it will forever be in a state of flux. We are kidding ourselves when we think we know how it “should” be. We are also kidding ourselves when we think we can actually do something to cause an affect on this enormously large and complex system called climate. Our anemically short lifespans–when stacked against the life of the solar system–give us an equally anemic perspective on our little spinning planet. To say the age of humans has been a mere blink of an eye would be a gross understatement.

And so I visibly cringe when I see things like this (which was emailed to me yesterday):

Birds and Climate Webinar – April 7, 2010

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Audubon’s very own Dr. Greg Butcher, Director of Bird Conservation, on the latest findings on how climate change is affecting birds. Building on Audubon’s 2009 Birds and Climate Report, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in partnership with Audubon and other groups, has just released their own State of the Birds Report, 2010 Report on Climate Change.

This report calls attention to the collective efforts needed to protect nature’s resources for the benefit of people and wildlife. Please plan to join us and feel free to bring a friend along as well.

Just another climate change acolyte carrying the message to the unbaptized. I won’t be going. But if you choose to attend, it’s tonight, 6 PM, at NDSU’s Steven’s Hall.

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  1. That's on way to look at it

    Hopefully your children’s children will be ABLE to look back at this time at all. If we treat the Earth better we have lost nothing but dirty air and deteriorating waterways. If we guess wrong, well…

  2. doggybones