I thought I was done with this

Posted February 8th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comment (1).

Tonight I got a sobering phone call which quickly turned emotional.

Since leaving the Air Force back in 1990 I have had very few friends killed in aircraft accidents. But the phone call delivered some very sad news from a good friend. A mutual and dear friend was killed in an accident out of the Redlands, Calif., airport. Ironically, I had just sent her an email today. Now I know why she didn’t reply. She was already dead.

This young gal was amazing. A smarter more quicker witted soul barely exists on this planet. She made an immediate and lasting impression on anyone who was lucky enough to meet her. The world, and the California Air National Guard, will miss her dearly. I know I do. She has yet to be officially identified as of this writing so I won’t give her name. Here’s a photo I took of the two friends mentioned above during one of our outings in Nevada’s Spring Mountains:

A quick Google search tonight produced a local news story regarding the mishap. Here it is.

I have much knowledge of how this happened and it makes me angry. I won’t talk about it here. But suffice to say it’s one thing to act irresponsibly in an airplane, it’s quite another to take someone else down with you while doing it.

God rest her dear soul and pray for her mother, who lost her own mother in November.


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    ugh..sorry to hear that keith