I wasn’t first

Posted January 5th, 2010 by kcorliss. Comments Off on I wasn’t first.

I feel like Robert Falcon Scott. Remember him? He’s the guy who trudged to the South Pole early in 1912 only to find Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by a couple weeks. How do we know this? His journal was found along with his body (and four traveling companions) some time later. They had all perished of cold, exhaustion and starvation. I read the book, The Worst Journey in the World some years ago by one of the crewmen who survived, Apsly Cherry-Garrard. Amazing what these guys put up with for many many months. You think it’s cold here? Think again.

Anyway, during my wanderings late last year I came upon what I believe is a bald eagle nest in southwest Cass County. Knowing the state is monitering these nests as part of the requirements of the Endangered Species Act (even thought the bird has been de-listed), I thought I’d watch it and report it. Well, I just got an email detailing all the known nests in the state and guess what? They already know about this one. Darn.

Here’s a shot I took a couple weeks ago of the nest:

If anyone sees a bald eagle nest in North Dakota, report its location to Sandra Johnson at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department: sajohnson@nd.gov or 701.328.6382

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