We’re in it now

Posted December 28th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on We’re in it now.

Any pretense existing prior to this last week suggesting this would be a ho-hum winter was quickly and definitively scuttled by the holiday storm which left nearly every resident aching from shoveling snow, and all available snow blowers being employed on multiple occassions.

The above photo was taken during day 1 of the seige and in no way reflects the image of the situation now. A total of 17.3 inches was measured officially in Fargo. But I’ll visit this issue again by saying, ‘that’s all good and well but when such an amount is accompanied by winds gusting to 35 m.p.h. it’s pretty much moot.’ By that I mean any space in the lee of a building or object is subject to several feet of gathering snow. This, of course, includes my driveway.

I couldn’t help but share a photo I took of a driver I saw in the wake of the mulit-day event. This guy either is a)proud of the pile on top of his vehicle, b)too lazy to clean it off, or c) heading straight to his chiropractor, having suffered some sort of joint or muscle setback which ended his snow removal.

No turning back now. Winter is on.

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