Over there

Posted December 7th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Over there.

Almost in direct response to my plea for photos I get an unsolicited email from a dear friend who is currently serving in Iraq. He is aware of my interest in birds and so sent a couple photos of a bird he’d seen around the unspecified base where he is stationed. Take a look:

I’ve never seen this bird but I knew it was one of the wagtails. A quick Internet search provided the answer. It’s a white wagtail, a common insectivore found all over Asia, Europe and N. Africa (I think). Apparently there are many subspecies of this bird of which I’m not familiar. If anyone knows which one this is I’d love to here it.

Another shot of bird:

Thanks to this airman for the shots. I guess he’s got a "lifer" I don’t have now.

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