Eating crow, literally

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From a website called, comes an article about hunting and eating crow. No seriously.

North Dakota has a season on these wily "songbirds," which just ended 12 days ago. I never really hear of anybody actually going out and hunting crows but I suppose it happens here. Much better to rely upon the folks from the South for information on eating critters.

Even though you’ll see crows all over the place and can hear their "caw-caw-caw" calls up to a mile away, be prepared for a challenging hunt, says author Clyde Ormond in his "Complete Book of Hunting," because the crow is a cunning and wise old bird with a built-in suspicion of man.


Because the average crow weighs in at around a pound, you won’t need "four and twenty" of them to bake a pie of this black bird. But, you will want to pack your freezer full of dressed, whole crows and breasts alike because of their food-fare versatility.

From casseroles to stews and other recipe favorites, including pie, the crow — reportedly considered a delicacy by John James Audubon — tastes like chicken with appetizing overtones of duck, according to Bradford Angier, author of Wilderness Cookery.

I’d be willing to try eating one but again have never run across anyone who actually ate them. Also, these are birds which are known to harbor West Nile Virus. I wonder if this plays into the handling or eating of the birds in recent times. I’ll have to check with my wildlife biologist contacts. Want to weigh in Doug?

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