Hey mom, watch this!

Posted September 10th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Hey mom, watch this!.

Labor Day morning was quiet and calm and begged for a walk in the park. I did just that. Not much in the way of birds were to be found in Fargo’s Oak Grove park this day but a curious sight on the Minnesota side of the Red River caught my eye. Fully 100 feet of plastic was laid out forming a gravity-fed approach of sorts. At the bottom of this flume was a ramp. The ramp, one would have to assume, was there to launch the person or object into the air. A small kiddie pool was placed immediately beneath the ramp, quite needlessly I would think.

Now unless my high school physics class failed to teach me anything, I would guess that whatever falling body went screaming down this slope, there would be little hope in it stopping in the pool. It may even have a legitimate shot at the river itself.

There was a nice little addition to the whole project–a light stand. This told me that whatever contest or project was taking place here, it was necessary to do it under cover of darkness. Does mom know about this?

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