Chemicals to the rescue

Posted August 18th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Chemicals to the rescue.

I found this story today (actually it was filed three days ago) from the AP via ABC News. What makes this very interesting to me personally is the fact that I know all the players involved and have a vested interest in bird vs. airplane issues.

The author of the piece, Dave Kolpack, I’ve known since high school and consider a good friend. The owner of the Skeet-r-Gone company is also a friend, having been in the Air National Guard with him, though he’s not mentioned by name in the article. Anyway…

It sounds like folks are testing an environmentally benign, chemical-based deterrent (called Flock Buster) to keep geese and other birds away from airports. The test run this past spring was inconclusive since the chemical was applied after nesting.

Two problems turned up, Nord (John, director of the Devil’s Lake [ND] airport) said. The study was conducted after nesting, when the geese were hunkered down and stubborn about leaving for good. And the rain appeared to wash away some of the repellent.

This might prove to be a relevant tool for bird abatement worldwide. But more testing is needed and under varying conditions I would guess. Still, it sounds interesting. 

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