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Posted July 23rd, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Grab your popcorn.

(US Fish & Wildlife Service)

A full length documentary film is out titled, Ghost Bird, and deals with the buzz surrounding the alleged ivory-billed woodpecker appearances in Arkansas. After looking at their website and viewing the trailer, it looks darn good.

If the trailer is any indication of the tenor of the film, this isn’t a puff piece nor is it an advocacy movie. Which gives me ever more reason to see it.

Some relevant takes from their press kit:

Ghost Bird wades into a murky swamp of belief and obsession in this cautionary tale about birders, ornithologists and the citizens of Brinkley, Arkansas who are certain they keep seeing a giant woodpecker that’s been extinct for over half a century.

What in the press has usually started and ended with the unprecedented recovery of a lost species, this documentary pursues into the unsettling territory of human ambition and wishful thinking. In the end, Ghost Bird emerges finding less to say about extinct woodpeckers than about our yearning to look for and even see them, whether they are there or not.

I would guess this won’t be showing at the multiplexes or drive-ins. Instead, it’s likely headed for the smaller venues of artsy films and the like. Short of that, in time it should be available at NetFlix or similar outlets. I’m putting it in my queue.

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