Wisconsin DNR borders on silly

Posted June 29th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments (4).

In a story more fit for theonion.com, the AP in Wisconsisn is reporting the state’s DNR is recommending not feeding birds in the summer because…

…some feeders can accidentally kill other wildlife such as raccoons and skunks and even bear cubs.

The agency points to two cases in northwestern Wisconsin where bear cubs got their heads stuck in feeders while searching for food. In one case the cub’s mother freed it. In the other, agency workers had to tranquilize the mother and cub and then remove the feeder.

They must be joking. Saying folks should quit an enjoyable and arguably environmentally benign pastime worth billions nationwide for the sake of a tiny handful of critters is insane. Please tell me this is some sort of hoax.

Here’s the whole story from Fox6now.com.

4 Responses to “Wisconsin DNR borders on silly”


    I’d say don’t feed birds for the same reason I say don’t feed big game. Disease transmission, reducing ‘wild’ birds to artificial food sources. AND add the other stuff on top. Regardless, bird feeding is NOT benign.

  2. kcorliss

    There’s a part of me that agrees with you. BUT…

    Folks have been feeding birds probably since caveman days with little or no ill-effect in my opinion. I’ve read the same studies about disease and find little to disuade me.

    As for taming “wild” birds, not really. The birds at the feeders are already in town and have “tamed” themselves by choice anyway. But the very word tame is an exaggeration. Ever try and pick one up? That’s right, can’t do it.


    I never said tame. And your arguement about birds being urban is doesn’t work on me. Artificial feeding is extreme. If you want birds in town, then landscape for wildlife. But the lazy way of putting sunflower seed in a feeder helps how?

  4. kcorliss

    No, you didn’t say tame. But you wrote ‘wild’ as if to imply it.

    I’m all for native landscaping and creating habitats. In the end it is best.

    There are birds which are indeed urban. And there are hundreds of birds which you will never see at a feeder in town. They just can’t tolerate human development.

    Feeding birds, I’ll admit, doesn’t “help” at all. The birds need no help. What it does is give the homeowner a higher level of appreciation for them, which raises awareness. And I will still argue that the practice does little or no harm.

    Can you show me any science which says bird-feeding is causing the extinction or even threatening the existence of a species? There isn’t any.

    Check out Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, the country’s leading ornithology school. Even they run a feeding program. ‘Nuff said.