I see a jobs program here

Posted June 29th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on I see a jobs program here.

I’m a huge believer in letting market forces work their magic on national economies such as ours. Historically it’s proven itself time and again to be the most effective means for maintaining a vibrant system despite its natural ups and downs. Apart from regulation, government should be on the sidelines and not meddling in the down-and-dirty world of commerce. Here’s one little story of success with an unlikely mix of players: agriculture and falconry.

The News Tribune, out of Tacoma, Wash., reports on a blueberry farmer in Burbank, Wash. who is employing a number of licensed falconers to keep birds away from his crop. Guess what? It’s working like a charm. Even defying those who thought blueberries wouldn’t make it in the hot dry climate of eastern Washington. But it’s the falcons who are the stars of the show.

And not only have Lott’s blueberries flourished — for the first time this year people are invited to the orchard to pick their own berries — but the falcon patrol has been so successful that Lott has hired nearly a dozen falconers to manage the birds and now contracts them to patrol other farmers’ fields.

That’s a dozen people who now have jobs associated with a cool hobby.

Let’s see, since the Obama administration took office the country has shed over 3 million jobs despite digging a hole over $1 trillion deep while the farmer, Jim Lott, has hired about 12. I say Lott wins the comparison. And so does capitalism.

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