The Sheyenne’s turn

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The Red River seems to be fairly contained after the diking efforts in Fargo. That’s not to say the threat is over because it isn’t. The water is still high and a freak rainstorm could still happen and deliver the knock-out punch.

But while all eyes were riveted on Fargo a funny thing happened to the lesser tributaries to the west–they grew. In fact they grew to the point of ridiculous and now the Sheyenne River is set to reach record crests in Valley City, Lisbon, and Kindred.

As this river nears the Red just north of Fargo it passes near Harwood (after picking up the water from the flooded Maple River a few miles prior). I took my family up there yesterday to see the rising Sheyenne:

Somewhere under this water is two miles of farmland:

The road to Prosper off Cass Co. 17 is closed for obvious reasons as overland flooding erodes yet another county road. Well over 100 county roads are said to be washed out and impassable in Richland County alone:

Wonder why these vehicles are parked along Cass Co. 17 with no one in them?

Well, this is the entry road to their rural property (running through the trees in the background is the "normal" Sheyenne River channel):

The west side of the town of Harwood itself where it meets the river:

This river has a few more feet yet to rise they say. Hang on, we aren’t done with this flood yet.

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