Both gates ajar

Posted March 19th, 2009 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Both gates ajar.

The flood gates and the one letting in migratory birds.

After enduring a winter akin to something one might encounter in Fairbanks, the melt of all our snow is on. Just in the last week temperatures left subzero readings and soared into the 40s and 50s. It comes with a price though. The threat of flooding is hanging over the Red River Valley like a bad recurring dream.

(the above photo comes from the City of Fargo website and is probably of the 1997 event as we currently have a lot of snow yet to melt, something not seen in this shot)

Still the birds don’t care about our foibles. In fact the waterfowl probably welcome it. Recent reports from the state include the usual list of early migrants: killdeer, western meadowlark, northern harrier, eastern phoebe, mourning dove, American kestrel, and some waterfowl.

If we can withstand the next couple of weeks (the City of Fargo has put out a call for volunteer sandbaggers starting tomorrow [click here], and closed a few streets already including 2nd Street downtown), spring will bring a welcome end to the absence of birds and other wildlife. For official current flood information click here.

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