Faux owl fright

Posted November 20th, 2008 by kcorliss. Comments Off on Faux owl fright.

Here’s the culprit:

At times I do paper routes. Mostly weekends when I am around. I work for a newspaper after all and don’t mind helping out the circulation department when carriers are on vacation or sick or whatever. I don’t mind getting up early (around 4 AM) and it’s good exercise. Plus it puts a few bucks in my pocket and who doesn’t want that? But this time of year can be tough–snow, cold, and dark. My is it ever dark.

So it was on Halloween weekend. I was doing a route I’d never done before and having a hard time interpreting the map under the dim light of my headlamp. It’s quiet, it’s dark, it’s unfamiliar territory, and it’s just a little, well, spooky.

As I approached a certain home in West Fargo, I was greeted with one of those moments that a person remembers for quite awhile. It seems the homeowners had placed a little motion-activated mechanical owl on their railing. Sure enough, from about two feet away this thing starts to hoot in a loud eerie way. I nearly jumped off the porch. Oh, and in addition to the sound were the beady little eyes that lit up. I recovered eventually and stuck a paper in their door.

This afternoon I snuck over to the address and snapped a photo of the perp. Funny thing is, it looks pretty harmless in the light of day.

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