Exotic finds my yard

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The story of the Eurasian collared dove is fascinating in its success. The established line starts with a bird trader somewhere in the Caribbean who had received a number of them. Storm hits, birds escape, make it to Florida in early 90s. From there the bird has established itself far and wide quickly colonizing areas […]

March of the penguins…and then some

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Has anyone else been hearing about the Magellanic penguins that showed up on beaches in Brazil earlier? What a weird story. So far away from their normal haunts, this is a story that has been written about for several months.  (Magellanic penguin) Well, the AP is reporting an air force (doesn’t say whose air force […]

Sparrow absent elsewhere

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It is indeed interesting to "see" what other parts of the country are reporting in the way of bird migration. Birds we may consider quite common are looked upon as rare in other places and visa versa. So it is with this news story out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Jackson Hole Star Tribune). Author Chris […]

No news yet

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No further word from Cornelia Dean regarding the previous post…I’ll let you know if/when she responds again.

Maybe tomorrow

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In response to my email to the NY Times (as per this post) I received the following from their reader service: Thank you for writing to us. Your message has been received and will be forwarded to the reporter you contacted. Please note that messages are delivered once per day, at 8 a.m. (EST). Because […]

How many?

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Estimating flock size is tough. I’ve mentioned it before but it became apparent again last night that I struggle with doing it. A large flock of common grackles went winging by for about a full minute. I made a sort of crude calculation that roughly 25 birds were going overhead every second. If this is […]

Because you never know

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One of the primary motivations behind this bird watching thing, for me, is the possibility of finding a rarity. In my opinion there are two categories of this: a bird out of place or a bird out of time. Take the second case first and we’ll use Baltimore oriole as an example. From late May through […]

Cutline wrong in NY Times

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I ran across an article in the NY Times  online version today I was mildly interested in. It’s titled Audubon’s Species, Bird Art in All Its Glory by Cornelia Dean. While perusing the piece I noticed some accompanying photos. One in particular caught my eye. Now I don’t know how it works at the Times […]

Black Hills battleground

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The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance and three other conservation groups have filed a petition with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Black Hills population of the American dipper as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act.   So states the first paragraph of a story from the online version of the Rapid […]

Like dominoes

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Here’s a piece on National Geographic’s website which deals with an apparent change in the diet of Alaskan bald eagles from a fishy one to a more bird-heavy one. While the article describes in detail the reasons behind the shift, what readers should take from this is the amazing interconnectedness of natural systems. Why are […]