Lost dove found

Posted October 29th, 2008 by kcorliss. Comment (0).

A group called Columbidae Conservation (based in the UK) have found a bird not seen for 100 years. On a remote island (Wetar) in Indonesia the bird, the Wetar Ground-dove, was not only seen but seen in pretty good numbers according to this report (with photo included).

Surveying the rugged, 3600-square-kilometer island for bird life, scientists working for Columbidae Conservation found Wetar Ground-dove to be locally abundant, recording the largest-ever documented gathering of the species of 30-40 birds at a fig tree.

The name "Columbidae" was telling. It’s the scientific name given to the family of birds which includes doves and pigeons. I wondered what the group was all about so I linked their website: Columbidae.

After reading through their material I was impressed. It’s a not-for-profit that seeks to preserve habitat and share information regarding this group of birds. No mention of global climate change which was a welcome relief.

All that aside, I think it’s pretty cool birds like this are still able to be found in this day and age.

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